Oct 21, 2010


언제 부턴가 영국을 가보고 싶다는 생각이 들었다..

Sep 8, 2010

Emotion 감정을 나타내는 표현

Glad, pleased, happy 셋 다 기쁘다라는 표현 이다..격식있는 표현은 honored (영광이다)

It' s my pleasure=It's my honor

흔히 뒤에 to 가 와서 왜 그런지에 대한 이유가 나온다

I am so happy to be with you...

I am so happy to come or stay with you

Pleased to meet you

나라는 주어가 없어도

It is nice to meet you

wonderful, fantastic, fabulous =very good =pretty good=awesome =it couldn't be better...한국말로는 짱 좋다?^^

What do you think about this restaunrant?

Both the atmosphere and the food are awesome

Glad to meet you

Nice to see you

I am pleased to anounce new version of adams..^^

I am pleased to inform you that your paper "Clinical and Laboratory Characteristics of Atopic Myelitis: Korean Experience" has been accepted for publication in Journal of the Neurological Sciences

It is my pleasure

I am sastisfied with

I am pleasant?

Amazing 신기한..

mysterious 이상한 쪽으로 신기한...^^

It's so amazing 그거 참 신기하네.....


I am excited about making a team with you...제가 좋아하는 감정표현 입니다...너와 같이 일하려니 매우 흥분된다...좋다

I am so thrilled to meet her 전율이 느껴진다~~^^

interested in


I can't take any longer 더 이상 참을 수 없어~~!! (stand, bear)

Don't ever ask me to look after those kids again, I can't take it~~!!!


Disappointed=You bumped me out..


I dont wanna Let you down

You drive me crazy 넌 나를 미치게 해...

Don't get him mad 그를 미치게 하지마....

I think you are mad at me 너 나한테 화난것 같아..

Depressed 우울한...

You look depressed...

You don't look well 너 오늘 안 좋아 보인다..what's wrong?

I am so disappointed at me....

Scared 겁먹은

Scary movie

Embarassed (당황스러워)<

두 단어다 예상치 못한 상황에 혼란스러움을 표현하는 것이지만 confused 가 좀더 정도가 심하다...

Frustrated 좌절한, 실망한 (Disencouraged, Disappointed)

미국인들은 조금이라도 일이 안 되면 이 단어를 입에 오르내린다...

I am so sorry to disturb you...매우 미안해...

I am so happy to be with you...

I am sorry to hear that

I am sorry for being late

I am sorry for keep you waiting 기다리게 해서 미안해요

I'm sorry thay I didn't call you earlier.

I'm sorry that I can't let you use my card.

I'm sorry about last night.

Sorry to bother you but can I ask you something?

I'm terribly sorry. I don't know what to say.

I'm sorry that I lied to you.

I'm sorry that I bothered you.

I'm sorry that I broke my promise.

I'm sorry that I stopped on your foot.

I'm sorry that there's nothing I can help you with.

I'm sorry that I can't go with you.

I'm sorry that I woke you up.

I am sorry I can't help you~~~


I am worried about

Don't worry about it..

I am afraid to sleep in small room...

Concern은 주로 격식을 차린 표현...주로 논문에서 많이 쓰인다...

걱정하는 것이 해결되서 안심이다, 다행이다



I heard junman recovered from liver transplantation

What a relief~~Let's go to the hospital to see him

Hurry up, meeting is just about to start

what a relief~~I thought I would be late

걱정하던 것이 잘 안되는 동료를 위로할때

It could be worse더 나빳을 수도 있었는데 다행이다

충격, 놀람

I am so surprised at his appearance

I was shocked by his appearance at yesterday party...

더 놀랐을때는

I can't believe


Oh my god (OMG)

상대방이 허를 찌르는 (예상치 못한 행동을 했을때)

It caught me off guard 그건 전혀 예상치 못한 일이 였어~~~

I am in the mood for good meal

He was in no mood to celebrate 축하할 기분이 아니다...

주로 정중하게 거절할때 잘 쓰인다...

I felt like this before

I saw like this before

Have you ever seen like this before?

물론 위처럼 간단히 표현을 하여도 상관 없지만

구체적으로 묘사를 하는 표현도 많이 쓰입니다

예를 들면

It feel like I am in the paradise

꼭 천국에 있는 것처럼 느껴져

(if i were in shoes) I would have done the same

삽질한 친구에게,,나라도 그렇게 했을꺼여

시간표현, Time에 관한 표현들...

While, during

For a while..잠시...

During last three months=During past three months=Over the past three months

During 은 주로 문장 맨 앞에 나오지만 For는 주로 문장의 뒤에 나온다

의학논문에서는 During the 3 months of follow up.이라고 쓴다...

Over the past (last)10 years 지난 10년간 , much progress has been made

Over the next 2 weeks, her cognition improved after dicontinuation of lithium

Over a period of time 일정 or 특정기간 동안

Over a long period of time 오랜기간 동안

Over a 6-month period (Over a period of 6 month ) 6개월이라는 기간동안...., 119 headahe patients were seen (age range: 16-78 yers; M:F=45:98)

Take time..우리 시간을 갖고 생각해 보자
Give me seconds..잠시 시간을 줘..

Wait a moment...잠시만 기둘려...
Take deal...받아들이다..
약방의 감초 같은 take , Get

From now on 지금부터...



Last time I saw her was January 16, 2008

When was the last time you saw H.Y?

It's been almost a year,,,

That night I got home, she was crying..

First time I saw her, I was so happy to be with her..

Every time I saw her, She smiled at me brightly...
you are getting more beautiful everytime I see you....I am so flattered~~~!!!

Every night, we loved deeply...

Every morning도 가능하다...

Every 다음에는 매일 반복되는 것을 쓴다
My life is changing everyday

Make an egg at a time 한번에 하나의 달걀을 먹어라

At the time of biopsy...생검을 했을 당시에

At the age of 7 7세라는 나이에...

On time 딱 맞게...정시에 (not late, not early)

The flight from Orlando will arrive on time

You came here on time~~제 시간에 맞춰서 잘 왔네...

In time 때 맞추어 (시간안에 들어온다는 표현으로 회화체에서 자주 쓰이는 표현~~~)

MAke sure that you get here in time for the concert

At times (항상 복수의 형태로 쓰인다)-때로는=sometimes 때때로

She could be very unpleasant at times

All the time 항상 -all the way through; from first to last

All the night long 밤새 내내

I worked all the night long, but messed up the test...

It is time for dinner..밥 먹을 시간이야

It was tough time for me 나에겐 힘든 시간이었어

It is time I tell you something...

At the beginning, they were so small...

Ath the end of day, sun set.

In the middle of night (한 밤중에)

Early at night...

Late at night...

One day..과거의 어느날..

과거의 불특정한 날을 얘기 할때

Oneday I went to the restaurenat..어느날 식당에 갔는데...

Once upon a time, 아주 옛날에

Recently 최근에 , lately (스티비 원더의 노래)도 비슷한 표현이지만 주로 구어체에 많이 쓰인다...

Until recently....He was until very recently the most powerful banker in the city...

It is only recently that historians have begun to investigate the question...이런 표현은 멋있다...

시간적 순서

Sequence 순서

Subsequent to<->Prior to
동시에 at the same time =at once
use your boot camp virtual machine and your mac at the same time without rebooting to switch programs between them
Don't do two thingS AT ONCE
at once 는 곧, 당장 이라는 의미도 된디
all at once =suddenly 휘트니 휴스턴의 노래도 있지요?
Subsequent, subsequntly, following

Follow 뒤따르다라는 뜻도 많지만

어떤 조언이나 지시, 방법을 따르다라는 의미도 많이 쓰입니다

Please Follow my your advice

Novice chef should try to follow recipe as much as possible

People with diabetes should follow certain dietary rules

어떤 믿음이나 방법에 거스른다는

Go againt 가 많이 쓰입니다

We can't go against general trend

Go with the flow 대세를 따르다...

It goes against my grain 그것은 내 성미에 맞지 않는다

IF you say that an idea or action goes against the grain, you mean that it is very difficult for you to accept it or do it conflicts with your previous ideas, belief, or principles

Go with 는 누구와 함께 가다는 뜻도 있지만 잘 어울리다란 뜻도 많이 쓰입니다

That tie doesn't go with the suit...

Does this blouse go with that skirt ?

Prior to..
Prior commitment 선약

DM preceding parkinsonism...


prolong 참 재미있는 영어 표현이다. 늘리다라는 뜻인데..enlong으로 해도 될 터인데...

주로 수동태로 더 많이 쓰이는 표현이다..Prolonged


Don't delay, don't postpone.....


time보다는 좀더 작은 단위를 가르칠때,아주 짧은 시간,사실 minute, second와 비슷하게 쓰인다

Give me a second or minute, moment 나 한테 시간 조금만 줘...

I remember the moment when I saw Ha-young at the last time


Eventually, after all, As consequences

유통기한 expiration date

Check the expiration date

The expiration date of this bread is tomorrow

Due date 청구서 등의 납부 기한

Be sure to complete the payment by the due date~~~

보내고 받고





Can I get you something?
집에 놀러온 친구에게 음료수를 갖다줄때...give랑은 좀 의미가 틀리다...뭔가를 자신이 가서 만들어서 준다는 의미이다..




움직임, 장소 와 관련된 동사들...

움직임과 관련된 동사들은 일상 생활에서 너무나도 많이 쓰이는 표현입니다

오는 것은 알수 가 없고

가는 것 역시 알 수가 없습니다..

그것이 인생인 걸까요..

Come (오고) stay (머물고) Go (가고)...




Go out for a lunch..외식하러 나가지...

Go down

Go, come, get back

be back 돌아와 있다...


Come back, please
Come up 나타나다
그외 많이 쓰이는 표현
Come on!!! 힘내
Come to see me 날 보러와요
Come to dinner
I am here to see you


자동사로 이사하다라는 표현으로 많이 쓰인다..

We moved to Suji 6 years ago

타동사로는 무었을 옮기다로...

MOve this laptop


I walks two miles or Two hours


Step off 물러서...!!!!


Get back

Get to work...

Our term will get better
I remember when I was at 7, my mom said "my lovely son....be happy.."

Leave 떠나다...

I have to leave now...나 지금 떠나야 겠어..

leave가 목적어가 따라올때는 남겨두다라는 말이 된다..이 역시 많이 쓰는 표현이니 주의하자

Please Leave your message..

Arrive 도착하다

Stop, come, drop by 들리다...

On the way

He is on the way...


사실 reach뒤에는 장소가 올수도 있고 어떤 추상적인 양이나 단계가 올수 있다

장소가 올때는 arrive와 비슷한 의미

그외 논문에서는 reach statistical significance...reach up to 20%

Approach to patient with primary dystonia...

Turn around 돌아봐

Here 는 간단하지만 여러가기 동사와 관련해서 많이 쓰일 수있다...

주된 의미는 다른 사물의 위치와 달리 여기에 있다는 것을 강조할 때 쓰인다

What brings you here?

I am here to surprise you!!!

Here is the change

Here is taxi

Here is manu

I came here last night

I stayed here for several months

I have been worked here for 3 years....

방향을 나타내는 말들

Forward, ahead




약방의 감초같은 전치사 With and Through, on, At, against, over, just, even

Get thtough 극복하다..

You will get thorugh..넌 극복할 꺼야...

Be Through 겪다, 경험하다

You don't know What I have been thorugh

Go through

We have to go through it 우린 그걸 극복해야햐..

River run thorugh it..

Snow come down at a rate of 80 m/sec

Dopamine is given at high dose..

Treatment is with IV dantrolene, starting at ado of 2-3mg/kg in three divided dosage..
정도를 나타내는 말에 쓰이기도 하지만...

특정한 시간, 장소 앞에 쓰이기도 한답니다

At the same time,

At the time of biopsy

We will stay at home next weekend..

Age of onset is between ages 15 and 60, with most patients experiencing symptoms before age 40.

=Age of onset ranged from 15 to 60

Another, 50% will improce to some extent..

Against는 알아두면 유용하게 쓸 수 있습니다..

Protect me against the devil..

Push him against glass

Antibody against CNS parasite...

Pull out 밖으로 당기다..

Over는 다양한 동사에 붙어서 참으로 다양한 의미를 지닙니다..

Is over =end

Take over=인수하다

Get over, overcome=극복하다

Over and Over, 계속

전치사로서의 over는 뒤에 시간이나 범위가 온다...

Over several weeks

Over wide range of spectrum

Overall 전반적인=in general

Just 그냥, 단지

Just love her,,,아무것도 따지지 말고 그녀를 사랑해라 From If only

I just want it